Honda GX 390


Exits over left rear tire for chassis with the fuel cell on the left.


Muffler end.


2 Piece pipe to get proper chassis fit. Primary and flange are welded and finished. With a spring joint between primary and secondary pipes. Length has to be cut and spring joint  welded between. Easy lap welds that can be done with 110v mig welder or torch welded. Sping joint is shown on accesories page. Pipe in picture doesn't have the SJ shown. We can install the SJ when exact measurments are provided. 


Available in smaller diameter for restrictor motors (.960 ID primary)


( Primary is.990 ID 1.125 OD, Secondary is 1.250 OD staged to 1.312, 31"total inside length)

Mini Cup Left Hander Honda/Predator 390/420